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Make, Let, Help, Have, Get

Remember that Have can be used as a causative. In a causative, a person does not perform an action directly.
Have has even less force and authority than Get.

Subject + have + someone + verb word

My English teacher had us give oral report

Subject + have + something + participle

I want to have this book renewed, please

Avoid using an infinitive or an-ing form instead of a verb word after a person in a causative with Have. Avoid using a verb word or an infinitive instead of a participle after a thing in a causative with have.


Incorrect: Tom had a tooth fill.
Correct: Tom had a tooth filled.
Incorrect: Have you had your temperature taking yet?
Correct: Have you had your temperature taken yet?
Incorrect: They had their lawyer to change their will.
Correct: They had their…

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